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I think I'm drunk, cause all I seem to speak ain't right
And I think she's done with this, she ain't taking me home tonight
And in the dawn I'll regret it, the way I behaved last night, no Romeo
I was gone Juliet, and I never meant to act so low

(You're her Romeo) And if its what you want, then I can understand
(You're her Romeo) I am the one to blame for our crash land
(You're her Romeo) And it's a work of art, that's been ripped apart
(You're her Romeo) And yes I spilled the paint, but you ain't no saint

I messed up, had to much to drink by the end of the night
How'd I go wrong with this, sending hundreds of texts,
And she was right!
Oh yeah my grammar was off and my punctuation was like a five year old's
And I could not figure out what on earth I was telling her though


released December 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Lost In Vancouver Edinburgh, UK


  • Oct 07
    Edinburgh, UK

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